Secrets of Athas

Adventure 1

The adventurers begin in the Lorus Arena. The Elf Nolara awakens after receiving a blow to the head while out hunting and in startled by her strange new world. She is awoken by Jex, a well seasoned gladiator who is no stranger to the bloodsport. As is the custom during the Festival of Etros, a tournament is held with the winners being granted their freedom. After easily dispatching a pair of dogs and another team of fighters, the tandem is pitted against the feared dwarf, Genum and achieves victory.

Becoming temporary local celebrities, the duo was called in front of the regent of Narra, Sarif, and were freed under the condition that they aid in the escort of a caravan through the desert, under the employ of Kaldras. The duo were promised 20 cp per day with a 50 cp bonus if they lose no goods or animals during their trip.


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